Welcome to La Course en Tête, which we hope will become your go-to website for cycling comment, chat and more.

We are a group of experienced sports writers specializing in cycling, with a background working on some of the world’s best websites, newspapers and magazines; between us we’ve covered around 200 Grand Tours. We’ve also written a fair few (generally) well-regarded books along the way: you can find out about more about those on the site. But we are united by something far bigger as well: we are all deeply passionate about bike racing, in all its forms, and we hope that shines through this new venture. 

We’ve decided to pool our passion and expertise to serve followers of cycling worldwide in a subtly different way. Our goal is to comment on what’s going on in the two-wheeled world in the most authoritative manner we can, interpreting and celebrating what we firmly believe is the most spectacular, demanding and fun sport on the planet. From time to time we will bring in guest writers to present a particular angle.

What sets us apart? We’d like to think it’s the fact we offer a wide range of varied and authoritative views under one roof. We will also look to tap into our collective history in the sport – in some cases going back to the 1970s – to bring cycling’s rich and deeply loved heritage to you. Down the road, you will be able to listen to us on podcasts and – when the world emerges from lockdown – meet us and question us face to face at events.

Right now these are formative, disturbing times. We’ve all been deeply shaken by the most disruptive events since the second world war, and the world of bike racing is no exception to that. To start with, it’s far from clear when, how and in what form competitive events will return. That opens the door for a re-evaluation of the way this sport functions, and we’d hope to play a part in reflecting and shaping that debate. Hopefully, you, the readers, will like what you see and will stay with us on that journey.

Feel free to get in touch via our social media or email… All constructive comments will be happily received. 

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