by William Fotheringham

Only 48 hours after the Vuelta finished in Madrid, La Course En Tête is proud to present its “pop-up” paperback book taking a look back at this year’s racing.

Cycling in the Time of Covid, a review of the tumultuous 2020 season is immediately available as a paperback via print on demand through Amazon Kindle Direct, as an ebook shortly, and as a limited edition conventional paperback with colour interior which can be bought now, delivery from November 24. Price is £12.99 for the printed book, £9.99 for the ebook. 

The perfect stocking filler for any cyclist.

The book incorporates blogs from the website, with some additional commissioned material. There are contributions from all the writers who supply content to the website: Nick Bull, Peter Cossins, William Fotheringham, Sadhbh O’Shea, Sophie Smith and Jeremy Whittle, with “guest appearances” from Owen Rogers and Barry Ryan. 

“You can order your book today through Amazon and have it just a few days after the last race of the year,” said Fotheringham. “It’s been an amusing editorial challenge. Obviously we can’t claim to be comprehensive but there’s a lot of lovely reading in there about all the stuff that has happened since we launched in May.”

“I’d like to thank all my fellow writers on the site for the content, our sponsors for this Prendas Ciclismo – who are also stocking the book – our podcast specialist OJ Borg, our designer Matt Morris, who have provided us with fantastic pictures including the cover by Alex Whitehead, and Robert Branton at YouCaxton who pulled out all the stops so that we could make this happen.”

Buy your copy here – also available from and Amazon.

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